With our original animated educational videos we communicate the most abstract or confusing subjects very easily. Our animated videos are actually enjoyable to watch, they’re a great way to get the message through to your employees, inform and educate them to raise their cyber awareness.

SOTERIA Global Video Learning

A User friendly, interactive premium security awareness online training. A comprehensive suite that features a wide range of topics covering the most recent trend in cybercrime.

Cyber security awareness training that has been customized for your organization, not just a generic module on the financial implications of data breaches. Training should be enjoyable and engaging providing realistic scenarios and knowledge tests.


Although the cyber world is global, the nature of network usage in different countries varies according to cultural, language, and technology differences.

In Cywareness we believe in tailoring the content according to the client’s needs, by sector, nature of the company, geographical location and language.

See this example from Spain.