Web Technologies
A comprehensive course exploring web technologies, languages, and servers.
40/80 hours
40/80 hours


Organizations are under threat from an ever-increasing range of IT and cyberattacks. As web technologies advance, the door opens wider for cybercriminals, giving them unrestricted access to systems and letting them attack with ease. With these attacks on the rise, companies are struggling to keep up with the modern dynamics of web security, leaving their security strategies and frameworks exposed.
SOTERIA Global’s Web Technologies course is a thorough and comprehensive training program for IT and Cyber professionals. We will explore the constantly evolving landscape of the Web. Our hands-on approach combines theory and practice to provide a complete overview of the area and equip clients with the necessary skills and vocabulary to mitigate these attacks and even prevent them in the future.

The course covers the following topics:


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Intro to Web Technologies
  • Browsers
  • Web sites
Intro to HTTP
  • What is Protocol
  • POST/GET Methods
  • Headers
  • Browser dev tools
Intro to Web Servers
  • What is a Web Server
  • Popular servers and use cases
  • LAMP/WAMP and installation
HTML Basics
  • What is HTML?
  • Tags
  • Elements
  • Basic Tags
  • DOM
Intro to CSS
  • What is CSS
  • The CSS Files
  • Basic Styling
  • CSS Inline vs Tags vs files
Intro to PHP
  • Variables
  • Basic arithmetic
  • Conditions
  • Basic Server Rendering
  • HTTP Requests handling
  • The Includes statement
Intro to SQL
  • Setting up a database
  • Tables and columns
  • Data types
  • Crud
  • PHP & MySQL
  • PHPMyAdmin & Razor SQL
  • Other datastores
Intro to User Sessions
  • The Authentication flow
  • Cookies & Sessions
  • Auth Methods (OAuth 2,JWT,Basic HTTP)
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SOTERIA Global is a global leader in cyber-security training solutions and services.

The cyber world is now a part of our everyday life. New technology emerges daily, and as opportunities increase, so do cyber risks. Threats constantly evolve, and we must protect our valuable assets.

A successful cyber defense has many factors, but they all have one thing in common: dedicated, skilled individuals.

SOTERIA Global experts develop our solutions and rely on the best technological assets in the market. Our impressive global presence expands over four continents, giving us access to the best cybersecurity professionals.

Our solutions range from customized training programs to developing cyber-oriented facilities, ensuring that individuals and organizations are ready to face real-world threats. Over the years, we have worked with various organizations across many sectors, giving us the skillset to shape and adapt our solutions to meet our client’s needs.

    • Programmers
    • Information security experts
    • Architects
    • User-level knowledge of computers and the Internet
    • Advanced level of English
    • Python – is an advantage
    • Familiarity with HTTP/HTTPS protocols
    • Basic level of PHP
    • Understanding Cookies
    • Understanding basic encryption
    • Basic HTML and CSS
    • Basic SQL commands