Mobile Forensics
An introductory course on Mobile Forensics dissecting what to look for after an attack on mobile devices and how.
80 Hours
Blue Team
80 Hours
Blue Team


Mobile devices have become an integral part of our daily lives. We rely on them for everything, from socializing to keeping track of our important data, not just on a personal level but within organizations too. Our reliance on smart devices has made them a target for hackers, with mobile cybercrime on the rise over the last few years. All of this means that our mobile devices can be an important piece of evidence in any forensic investigation.

The course covers the following topics:


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History of Mobile
  • 3G and the rise of Smartphones
  • Old operating systems Symbian, BlackBerry, Windows Phone
  • IOS Jailbreaks
  • The IOS root issue
  • IPA file
  • IOS permissions
  • The close garden
  • Android versions and fragmentation
  • The APK ‘s
  • The Manifest.xml file
  • Android Intent mechanism
  • Android App and what it can and cannot do
  • Android permissions
  • Understanding the root concept
  • Android file system
Understanding mobile forensics
  • File system forensics
    • Pictures
    • Files
    • Notes
    • OS Logs
  • Application static forensics
    • Code
    • Databases
    • Logs
    • Permissions
  • Application dynamic analysis
    • Network
    • Syscalls
    • Abnormal activities
  • The tools of the trade
  • Final challenge
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    • Forensic experts
    • Linux, knowledge of C an advantage
    • Knowledge on mobile artifacts, using mobile forensic tools, conducting a forensic investigation