An in-depth course examining the fundamentals of the ICS/SCADA Domain.
120 Hours
Blue Team
120 Hours
Blue Team


The industrial control system environment is different from the IT world. A working understanding of the Industrialized world and technologies is now a must for IT/OT cyber professionals.

The course covers the following topics:


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Getting Started
  • Introduction to industrial Control Systems
  • Impetus of ICS Protection
  • Evolution of ICS
  • ICS Architecture
  • Types of PLC’s
  • Types of HMI’s
  • Types of Historians
  • Importance of HMI’s and PLC’s
  • HMI Role in the ICS Environment
  • HMI Architecture
  • Importance of the Historian DB’s
  • Historian Role in the ICS Environment
  • Historian Architecture
  • ICS Communications and protocols
  • ICS Communication methods
  • Protocols
  • Protocol Based Vulnerabilities
  • Security Best practices for ICS
  • Introduction to Security Policies for ICS
ICS Attack and defence
  • Introduction to ICS Cyber Threats
  • Overview to ICS Cyber Threats
  • Categorisation of vulnerabilities in different critical infrastructure environments
  • Security difference between IT and ICS
  • Source of ICS Vulnerabilities
  • Attack Vectors in ICS environments
  • Cyber-Threats automation systems
  • Attack vectors in Automation
  • Consequences of ICS Attacks
  • Cyber-threats in ICS Protocols
  • In-Depth ICS Protocols
  • Interception of ICS communication Protocols
  • Cyber-Threats in ICS historian vulnerabilities
  • HMI vulnerabilities and OPC
  • Protection of Historian Platforms
  • A Study of Platform vulnerability in ICS Infrastructure
  • Awareness & Protection of ICS Environment
  • Physical protection aspects of Industrial network
  • Best Practices for Protecting ICS Environment
Protecting ICS Environment
  • ICS Incident Response Plan
  • 7-Stages Incident Response Plan
  • Overview of Available Protection Tools
  • Steps of Securing ICS Platform
  • Incident Prevention
  • Risk Management and Analysis
  • SCADA Security Policy Framework
  • Introduction to Incident Prevention
  • Exploration of Industrial Detection Tool and Mechanism
  • Security Defense Investigation
  • Managing Security Incident for ICS
  • ICS Security Checklist
  • Post Incident Forensics
  • Summary Exercise
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    • IT & Cyber professionals
    • ICS/SCADA professionals
    • CIRT in ICS sites
    • Previous knowledge or certification in:
    • Information Security
    • Ethical Hacking
    • Communications and networking
    • Operating systems
    • Understanding of the ICS/SCADA domain with hands-on experience on a physical kit
    • Understanding the key differences between the IT and the OT environments
    • Gaining knowledge on the cyber threats, risks, attacks, and defenses in the ICS world
    • Learning how to detect, respond, and prevent cyber incidents and risks in the ICS environment