Cyber Awareness
A deep-dive course into the universe of cyber awareness, exploring network threats and the risks they imply for organizations.
40 hours
Management and Awarenesss
40 hours
Management and Awarenesss


In our interconnected and globalized world, data is in constant use. These exchanges continuously expose our systems to a range of dangerous threats and potential attacks. Companies have responded to these new threats by investing heavily in cybersecurity. Investing in fostering a culture of cyber awareness at organizational levels is a rising trend nowadays. For instance, a more cyber-aware workforce can open the door to improved work performance and more resilient systems within their organizations.
By completing SOTERIA Global’s Cyber Awareness immersive training course, trainees will understand the implications, potential impact, and risk-reduction strategies behind cyber-attacks. Moreover, they will be able to further prevent cybercrime from penetrating their online workspace.

The course covers the following topics:


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Introduction to Cyber
  • Terminology and basic concepts
  • Definitions
  • Why you should care about cybersecurity defense
  • Awareness training
Introduction to Malware
  • Types of malware
  • Email attachments and links
  • Mitigating the effects of malware
Surfing the web
  • DNS
  • Passwords
  • Safe Browsing
  • How to become anonymous
Information Security in the Organization
  • Security roles in the organization
  • Threats and Risks
  • Information Security Strategy & Metrics
  • Information Security Governance and Management
  • Security Controls
Networks Overview
  • What is a network
  • The OSI Definition
  • The TCP/IP Networks
  • Cryptography
  • Secure Messaging
  • PKI and digital certificates
Social Media
  • Social Networks Basics
  • Risks and Threats
  • Best Practices for Organizations
  • Best Practices for Individuals
  • Sensitive Searches
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SOTERIA Global is a global leader in cyber-security training solutions and services.

The cyber world is now a part of our everyday life. New technology emerges daily, and as opportunities increase, so do cyber risks. Threats constantly evolve, and we must protect our valuable assets.

A successful cyber defense has many factors, but they all have one thing in common: dedicated, skilled individuals.

SOTERIA Global experts develop our solutions and rely on the best technological assets in the market. Our impressive global presence expands over four continents, giving us access to the best cybersecurity professionals.

Our solutions range from customized training programs to developing cyber-oriented facilities, ensuring that individuals and organizations are ready to face real-world threats. Over the years, we have worked with various organizations across many sectors, giving us the skillset to shape and adapt our solutions to meet our client’s needs.

    • C-Level managers
    • Employees
    • Information security teams
    • None
    • Understanding of cyberthreats, their potential impact on businesses, and steps to reduce risk and prevent