A program to train information security managers – CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) – for organizations.
185 hours
Management and Awarenesss
185 hours
Management and Awarenesss


As cybersecurity risks are rapidly increasing, mitigating them has become an intricate and challenging task.  A well-trained CISO is fully capable of leading a company to success through an intelligent cybersecurity strategy. CISOs may also seek to attract investment for security practices. Therefore, SOTERIA Global’s CISO specialized training would help a CISO’s lead cybersecurity projects, filling in several gaps and further expanding their expertise in other domains. Expert training in the field is essential to earn a certification, which has become a powerful asset that opens the door to a world of cyber and IT opportunities.
SOTERIA Global’s CISO program provides the tools and knowledge to succeed in multiple areas across the cyber world. From risk management, designing defense systems, and monitoring to addressing cyber events, standardization, regulation, and more. The program will also provide you with the knowledge required for several international certifications (CSX, CISM, CIPF & CISSP).

The course covers the following topics:


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The CISO roles and responsibilities
  • The role of the CISO
  • Information Security Projects
  • Information Security Processes
CISO – Technical aspects
  • Access Controls
  • Physical Security
  • System, network and application security
  • Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Testing
  • Risk, Threat and Vulnerability Management
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning
  • Encryption
  • Forensics and Incident Response
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SOTERIA Global is a global leader in cyber-security training solutions and services.

The cyber world is now a part of our everyday life. New technology emerges daily, and as opportunities increase, so do cyber risks. Threats constantly evolve, and we must protect our valuable assets.

A successful cyber defense has many factors, but they all have one thing in common: dedicated, skilled individuals.

SOTERIA Global experts develop our solutions and rely on the best technological assets in the market. Our impressive global presence expands over four continents, giving us access to the best cybersecurity professionals.

Our solutions range from customized training programs to developing cyber-oriented facilities, ensuring that individuals and organizations are ready to face real-world threats. Over the years, we have worked with various organizations across many sectors, giving us the skillset to shape and adapt our solutions to meet our client’s needs.

    • IT managers
    • Heads of departments \ sections \ divisions \ CEOs \ CIOs with experience of at least 5 years
    • Securing communication networks (Windows or Linux), management, consulting, and control of information systems, or for those with a background in software development
    • Information security managers interested in an international certification
    • BA or MA in computer sciences or software engineering
    • Security officers and former security forces veterans with a technological background
    • Information security trustees in the public service
    • Technical English
    • Understanding of the CISO role in organization
    • Understanding risk analysis and mitigation approaches
    • Ability to oversee the technical team performance
    • Ability to build and lead the organization incident response team
    • Build the organization security processes